Coalition Conservation Leadership

August 7, 2012 update:  The Eastwick Friends & Neighbors Coalition was politely notified that over 40 highly-qualified organizations were nominated, and we were not selected to be honored this year by the Institute for Conservation Leadership.

June 29, 2012:  We are thrilled to announce that the EASTWICK FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS COALITION has been nominated to be honored by the INSTITUTE for CONSERVATION LEADERSHIP (ICL), in recognition of our “effective, creative, and visionary collaborative work that helps make progress toward broad goals of environmental protection, public health, environmental justice, land and resource conservation, or sustainable energy.”

Nomination criteria includes:

  • Recognizing the collaboration of networks, coalitions, alliances, partnerships or learning communities that are working together to achieve things they couldn’t accomplish alone.
  • Specific results and positive changes that have happened because of their work together.
  • Using creative approaches to take advantage of an important opportunity for to advance broad goals listed above OR meeting a challenge to promote the broad goals listed above.
  • Engaging “unlikely partners,” or nontraditional allies, or collaborating on a new cross-issue or a cross-sector.
  • Telling a story about leadership, purpose, participation, and positive methods for working together with successfull results.

An independent set of leaders from groups and foundations working on environmental and conservation issues will choose the inspired collaboration.  ICL will honor chosen nominees during ICL’s Fall Fest on Thursday, September 13, 2012  in Washington, DC.  ICL website:

Eastwick FN Coalition is honored to be nominated for our collaborative efforts and successes gained by working together.  We remain focused, committed and determined to achieve our goal of preserving the 128-acre green space parcel in southwest Philadelphia.  Thanks to our ever-broadening base of volunteers and supporters!

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