Eastwick Public Planning Meeting, September 27

All are invited to a public Eastwick Planning Meeting on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 6:00-8:00 pm, at Penrose Elementary School, 2515 S. 78th Street, Philadelphia PA 19153. Attend and lend YOUR voice to visioning 200 acres of publicly-owned land in Eastwick. This important meeting reviews and recaps information gathered since the planning process launched in spring 2017.

The Eastwick Public Lands Strategy and Origins
One of the largest urban renewal projects in U.S. history officially ended on December 2015, when the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) reached an agreement with New Eastwick Corporation (NEC) to release any development rights for 134 acres of vacant land in Eastwick, southwest Philadelphia. The City and PRA agreed to carry out a community-driven planning and feasibility study to determine best use for the land.

In August 2016, a Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued for Eastwick Public Land
Planning Services to complete a vision and development/implementation plan for this property and other publicly-owned vacant properties in Eastwick. These sites include (reference map below):

  • (Site 1) A 122 acre site roughly bounded by 84th Street, Lindbergh Boulevard and Mario Lanza Boulevard;
  • (Site 2) A 5.65-acre, parcel at the southwest corner of 84th Street and Lindbergh Boulevard;
  • (Site 3) Multiple parcels, including the former Communications Technology High School site and the former Pepper Middle School site owned by the Philadelphia School District, as well as additional PRA-owned lands located along and generally bounded by Mario Lanza Boulevard, between 81st & 84th Streets.

Flyer_EFNC-02 Mtg 2017-0927 Page1 map

Plan Goal and Outcome
This is a land use and vision plan for publicly-owned, vacant sites in Eastwick. This plan will recommend a range of potential uses for the 3 sites based upon the market and ecological data collected, as well as how those uses align with community input. This plan will not select a particular development, or developers, for any of the sites, but will serve as a guide to make decisions about future development proposals.

Who’s Involved
YOU, we hope! This planning process is open to the public, and all who have a stake in the future of Eastwick are encouraged to participate. The more community voices, the better.

Interface Studio, a local urban planning and design firm, was selected as the consultant to lead this planning process in partnership with Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA), Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC), the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), along with other local officials and community stakeholders, through the Request for Proposals. Interface Studio has partnered with a team of experts, including the University of Orange, Real Estate Strategies, BLD Partners and WSP.

Collectively, they bring together planning, urban design, community engagement, landscape architecture, ecology, public health and engineering in one integrated consultant team.

What Have We Learned So Far?
The first public Eastwick Planning Meeting was held on April 24, 2017, with more than 150 attendants. Three (3) Roundtables were held in spring-summer, with discussions and ideas framed around the concepts of Align, Create, Connect.

On September 27, the consultant team will review their data analysis with the public, including how the water flows through the area and whether or not these sites can be used to reduce the risk of flooding in Eastwick.

For more information and to review plan documents to date, visit the Lower Eastwick Public Land Strategy website.


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