Cobbs Creek Cleanup Success

Eastwick’s first Cobbs Creek Cleanup on Saturday April 23,2016 was a great success! Eastwick Friends & Neighbors Coalition partnered with Darby Creek Valley Association to initiate this new cleanup site in Eastwick as part of the 32nd annual Darby-Cobbs Watershed Cleanup.

CobbsCreekCleanup-2016-0423-Debbie Beer 01 -edit

Earl Wilson, board member for both organizations, spearheaded the initiative, with assistance from Debbie Beer, Ramona Rousseau-Reid, and David Bennett. Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s office provided strong support in promoting the event, and staffing on-site volunteers.

On the rainy Saturday morning, volunteers met at the Cobbs Creek park entrance on 78th Street near Saturn Place, donned gloves and vests, and tromped gamely up the trail. Working at strategic, staked-out spots, volunteers filled dozens of bags with trash, while learning about tidal waters, local birds, and healthy habitats. After much mud and hard work, volunteers enjoyed meeting new friends and munching fresh apples.

The Cobbs Creek Cleanup site is a short walk upstream from the Clearview Landfill, where Eastwick residents and stakeholders are actively engaged in a Community Advisory Group (CAG) with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to remediate the landfill – a multi-year process.

CobbsCreekCleanup-2016-0423-Debbie Beer 08 -edit

Eastwick is situated at the lower end of the 80-square-mile Darby-Cobbs Watershed, receiving trash and stormwater run-off from dozens of upstream towns, and ceaseless tidal waters. Darby Creek empties into the mighty Delaware River after flowing through the Tinicum marsh of nearby John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. Our regional rivers provide essential environmental, economic and cultural resources to people and wildlife; the Darby-Cobbs Watershed Cleanup is an important endeavor in working towards a safe, healthy community for everyone.

We extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to everyone involved in Eastwick’s first Cobbs Creek Cleanup – a great way to celebrate Earth Day 2016!

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