Community Alert about Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Warning Flags

Hurricane Sandy is predicted to roll into Philadelphia this Sunday, October 28.  Flood-prone Eastwick is among the areas expected to be impacted by severe flooding, as this superstorm hits at the convergence of a full moon, high tide, and heavy rain.  Darby Creek and Cobbs Creek could overflow their banks, affecting thousands of residents living nearby.

Local District #2 Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has issued a community alert about Hurricane Sandy, urging Eastwick residents who live in flood-prone areas to prepare to stay with family or friends, in case of evacuation.

Residents are urged to check the Philadelphia City Emergency Management website, Review evacuation routes.  Clear drains of leaves and debris.  Stock up on spare batteries and keep a portable radio handy for news alerts.  Fill-up the bathtub for water supply.  Keep cell phones charged, and plan for power outage that could last a while.

Download Councilman Johnson’s Community Alert Hurrican Sandy.

Prepare an Emergency Plan
Preparing for a Major Flooding Event
Preparing For a Hurricane or Tropical Storm
Philadelphia Evacuation Routes and Emergency Facilities Interactive Map 

Tidal Information for Heinz NWR

Monday October 29
1:21 AM Hi 5.7 ft
7:26 AM Sunrise
8:30 AM Lo .6 ft
1:45 PM Hi 6.1 ft
6:03 PM Sunset
9:01 PM Lo .5 ft
Tuesday October 30
2:06 AM Hi 5.6 ft
7:27 AM Sunrise
9:12 AM Lo .6 ft
2:27 PM Hi 6.0 ft
6:01 PM Sunset
9:45 PM Lo .5 ft
 Wednesday October 31
2:49 AM Hi 5.4 ft
7:28 AM Sunrise
9:52 AM Lo .6 ft
3:07 PM Hi 5.9 ft
6:00 PM Sunset
10:28 PM Lo .5 ft


Send Hurricane Sandy photos to We will compile them and post them here.

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